Lake Street Solar (2022)

In Minneapolis, a team of partners finds creative solutions to invest in community-owned power and racial justice. We meet Joaquin Thomas, CEO of Go Solar Construction, who describes the significance of his team's solar project near George Floyd square. Collaborators talk about what this work means to them, and for the broader community. This video was supported by Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light.


Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Devon Young Cupery

Devon Young Cupery
Julia Nerbonne

Associate Producers
Buff Grace
Whitney Terrill
Terri Burnor

Joaquin Thomas
Amber Naqvi
Julia Nerbonne
Alika Galloway 

Jones Meadow

Additional Photography
Chris Holden
Liberty Community Church

Thank you
Andree Aronson
Centro De Trabajadores Unidos En La Lucha (CTUL)
City of Minneapolis Green Cost Share Program
Go Solar Construction
Lake Street Solar
Liberty Community Church
Minneapolis Foundation Climate Action & Racial Equity Grant
Peyton Scott Russell
Natalie Shaw
Aaron Johnson Ortiz
Van Meter