Seeds of Hope (2021)

Seeds of Hope follows a passionate Hmong community leader as she helps refugee families navigate the COVID pandemic, while planting seeds for a hopeful future. For more than a decade, Mayhoua Moua has worked to address high rates of chronic disease among Southeast Asian American women in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. But when COVID-19 hit, she pivots to meet the community's needs. We witness Mayhoua's heroic work to help refugees from Myanmar to survive, adapt, and thrive.

This documentary short was supported by the Asian American Documentary Network (A-Doc) as part of the A-Doc Storytelling Initiative: Asian American Stories of Resilience & Beyond. Seeds of Hope is available for streaming on A-Doc’s platforms and will broadcast on the PBS WORLD Channel this winter.


Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Devon Young Cupery

Lorna Young, Devon Young Cupery

Mayhoua Moua

Editorial Consultant
Brad Lichtenstein

Stephen Keech

Lead Series Producer
Sarita Khurana

Series Producers
Victoria Chalk
Leo Chiang
Lailanie Gadia
Grace Lee
PJ Raval
Robert Winn

Associate Producer
Pallavi Somusetty

Story Consultant
Grace Lee

Production Assistant
Lily Qi

Funding provided by:
Asian American Documentary Network
Center for Asian American Media
Ford Foundation
MacArthur Foundation
Sundance Institute
Visual Communications