Youth N' Power (2019)

As part of a summer youth program called Youth N' Power, students visit the Shiloh Temple community solar array in North Minneapolis and head to the State Capitol to share an inspiring vision for clean energy in Minnesota. Sitting in the seats of legislators on the House floor, they hold a mock debate on a Green New Deal facilitated by Rep. Frank Hornstein. Their bold ideas are a testament to the powerful, burgeoning movement for solar and wind energy in Minnesota.

The program is organized by Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light, a local non-profit dedicated to building leadership for climate justice solutions.


Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light

Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Devon Cupery

Devon Cupery
Julia Nerbonne
Analyah Schlaeger dos Santos

Analyah Schlaeger dos Santos
Julia Nerbonne

Thank you
Youth N’ Power students
Redeemer Center for Life
Rep. Frank Hornstein

Caleb Etheridge